12 грудня, 2023, 16:00

The state company Ukrgazvydobuvannya joined the modernization of the water supply in two villages of the Kharkiv region. This is reported on the Naftogaz Sustainable Development Facebook page.

"Water supply and fire safety should always come first. For this, as part of the "New Village" project for the Bilyaiv community in the Kharkiv region, the water supply of the villages of Krasne and Chervone was modernized: shut-off fittings were installed with the arrangement of reinforced concrete wells," the post says.

According to the local authorities, until now there was no such well in the villages, which greatly complicated repair work when an accident occurred because the entire water supply had to be shut off and the entire village remained without water supply for a long time.

"Now every street in the village has shut-off fittings and 16 reinforced concrete wells with manholes have been installed, which makes it possible to individually block each street or a certain part of the water main for emergency or scheduled work, while the rest of the residents have the opportunity to continue using water supply services," said Larisa Buslova, managing the affairs of the executive committee of the Bilyaiv village council.

Also, in cooperation with Ukrgazvydobovaniya, a submersible pump was purchased, thanks to which the community now has backup equipment, and two fire hydrants were installed, the report says.