NaftoRynok specialists can offer you detailed information and analyses on the following aspects of the market:

  • Oil and gas production - all the largest operators, oil and gas fields, production volumes, drilling data, crude, natural gas and gas condensate sales;
  • Transportation - oil trunk pipelines of Ukraine, terminals capacity, shipments volumes and tariffs;
  • Refining - oil and gas refineries, mini-refineries, process solutions, development background, refinery runs dynamics, oil products output (full range) since 1996, modernization plans and objectives, refinery gate prices;
  • Oil products - supplies volumes, market structure by the regions, oil products output, imports-exports, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, LPG demand/consumption detailed data, oil products remaining volumes in the regions, by industries, by market operators, il products rail shipment tariffs, motor fuels price assessments (in wholesale, small supplies segments as well as retail), logistics of supplies;
  • Trading - the largest market operators, with company backgrounds, the number of tanks farms in operation, equity and address of tank farms, petrol stations, LPG filling stations, LPG storage stations, market structure by regions.

NaftoRynok analysts prepare professional market research providing client with up-to-date data. 

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