NaftoRynok and ExPro Consulting are an independent team of analysts and industry journalists of the Ukrainian oil products market

Our values:

In its day-to-day operations the Company is guided by the four baseline principles:

  • Truthfulness, timeliness and proper visualization of the information provided
  • Personalized customer approach
  • Confidentiality and security

What we do:


The company provides a wide range of consulting services. Our services extend to all segments of the oil and gas market of Ukraine including upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Market research
  • The company publishes weekly fuel market reviews for Ukrainian and foreign companies.
  • Evaluation and analysis of the market: the structure, dynamics, trends
  • Price monitoring: wholesale and retail offers
  • Individual market research and data collection
  • Statistics on the import and export
  • Data on infrastructure and technology
  • Daily/weekly/monthly balance of oil and petroleum products

The company also carries out monthly research of oil and gas production and transportation of hydrocarbons, the activities of Ukrainian and foreign oil refineries, supplies of petroleum products to Ukrainian market, sales, consumption and stocks of petroleum products by the regions and market players.

Publishing activities

Since 1997 the Company publishes a professional magazine NaftoRynok, which provides the subscribers exclusive information from reliable sources. We write about business for business, people making executive decisions.


Every year we hold conferences, which bring together representatives of major oil and gas companies, equipment suppliers, engineering companies, owners and top managers of filling networks, representatives of public authorities. At the events the up-to-date issues of the market state and development are discussed, joint decisions on problematic issues are made. 

Our experience

The Company has been on the market for 20 years, which indicates a high level of confidence in our products and services. During this time, dozens of conferences have been held; hundreds of studies and promotion campaigns for products and services have been implemented. In addition, over a thousand magazines have been written. NaftoRynok distinguishing feature is the largest data archive for Ukrainian fuel market, which gives our professionals the opportunity of retrospective analysis, and simplifies the process of establishing a cause-and-effect for the events and actions of the market players.

Our sources

Traders and operators of the fuel market, Ukrainian and foreign energy companies, public authorities.