20 грудня, 2023, 11:00

Centrenergo must pay UAH 2.7 billion of debt for consumed gas in favor of GSC Naftogaz of Ukraine LLC. The relevant court decision was published in the Unified Register of Court Decisions, ExPro Electricity Weekly reports.

The amount of the debt consists of UAH 2.43 billion of the principal debt, UAH 57.35 million - 3% per annum, UAH 249.4 million - inflationary losses, and UAH 939 thousand court fees.

As stated in the court documents, Centrenergo connects the impossibility of timely payment with military actions, which in turn led to the difficult financial situation of the company and significant losses.

Centrenergo started consuming Naftogaz natural gas from May 1, 2022. As of this date, military operations were already ongoing, and the company was aware of its obligation to pay for the gas consumed, the court noted.

Taking this into account, the court satisfied the claim of Naftogaz of Ukraine regarding the collection of UAH 2.7 billion for gas consumed from Centrenergo.