28 листопада, 2018, 09:00

Burisma Group has launched a new LPG treatment unit at the Zhuravlyna structure on the Derkachivsko-Voitenivskyi field in the Kharkiv region, stated in the company.

The new equipment obtained by the Group utilizes a waste-free gas extraction technology reducing harmful emissions by means of full system sealing.

“With the help of this LPG treatment unit, we will be able to dramatically reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It will also allow the Group to bring LPG quality to European standards. In addition, we will manage to increase production volumes through a mixture of liquefied hydrocarbon gases (propane and butane) used as a valuable raw material for the production of a wide range of petrochemical products," says Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeinyi. According to him, the Group has invested circa UAH 25 million into this project.

This is the third LPG treatment unit commissioned by Burisma Group. Similar equipment is already used at the Rakytnyanske and Karaykozivske fields.