The long gasoline minus18:24 / 8 February, 2017
The long gasoline minus
Last year, Ukrainian gasoline market lost a quarter of its volume. NefteRynok has decided to summarize import deliveries, as Ukraine heavily depends on products made overseas, accounting more than 80% of country’s consumption. Economic depression and low level of the purchasing power had the major effect on the gasoline market
LPG 2015: A MILLION PASSED OVER18:18 / 8 February, 2017
Despite economic stagnation, Crimea annexation and the war in Donbass, LPG market remains the only fuel sector continuing to grow for the second year. In 2015 it grew up by 15% and overstepped the point of 1 mln t in the territory under control of Ukraine.
Diesel Market 2016: quality levelled to 522:41 / 7 February, 2017
Diesel Market 2016: quality levelled to 5
Diesel fuel market has not surrendered its positions last year. Commercial consumption of diesel fuel, on the contrary, outlined the vector to maintain and even increase of the supplies. As a result, Ukraine accumulated new players, and the fact the working tube is better than the “bottled” became evident. We have again expanded the geography of supplies, saying Namaste!* to the foreign diesel. 
Gasoline market, 2016: all is not lost yet22:18 / 7 February, 2017
Gasoline market, 2016: all is not lost yet
In 2016, the gasoline market balance in Ukraine increased by 5.8%, from 2.06 MMt to 2.18 MMt. The positive dynamics in the volume at the background of stagnating gasoline retail has been primarily associated with the reduction of the octanes’ shadow market share.
UPECO quotes
Василий Даниляк
21 April
Василий Даниляк
вице-президент «Концерна Галнафтогаз»
Алексей Житкевич
24 April
Алексей Житкевич
начальник отдела перспективного развития ГП "Укравтогаз"
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Второй год подряд украинская нефтепереработка показывает позитивные импульсы роста. Небольшими шагами оставшиеся в строю украинские производители продолжают сражаться с импортом за долю на рынке бензинов и ДТ
09:00 / 22 January, 2018
Pricing structure of Motor Fuel
LPG quotes
DateCompanyWeighted avarage
cost, UAH/T
19 April, 2018REGAL PETROLEUM19260
19 April, 2018GEO-ALLIANCE19260
18 April, 2018UGV19172
18 April, 2018UGV19172
18 April, 2018PPC19700
19.04.18 Kiev
Estimated value of the retail cost of Mozyr fuel
Without taking into account the margin and the cost of maintaining the gas station, UAH / L
  • A-9524,89
  • Disel22,65