NaftoRynok is the only consulting company in Ukraine that collects detailed information on fuel prices on the domestic market every day.

NaftoRynok specialists are in daily contact with over 500 traders from all regions of Ukraine, collecting offers on wholesale and retail prices for diesel, gasoline and liquefied gas by regions.

Data collection is carried out daily from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. NaftoRynok price monitoring covers the largest and regional market participants, offers from over 300 oil depots and gas-filling storages, major railway hubs and marine terminals. Moreover, NaftoRynok implements a detailed analysis of retail fuel prices at gas stations daily.

List of data on fuel prices in Ukraine

  • Retail Fuels (prices for gasoline and diesel at gas stations in regions);
  • Diesel DDP (prices for diesel with truck delivery in regions) NEW!;
  • LPG DDP (prices for liquefied gas with truck delivery and delivery from gas-filling storages in regions) NEW!;
  • Retail LPG (prices for liquefied gas at gas stations in regions);
  • Crude Oil quotations (on the European and world markets - Brent, WTI)

Fuel prices are published Monday through Friday after 3:00 p.m

Issue schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Format: xls.

The Fuel Prices package costs €60 per month.


In view of the infrastructural changes in the supply of fuel to Ukraine due to the war with Russia, NaftoRynok is launching a new information product Diesel DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) in July 2022. Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we prepare price lists for diesel delivered by trucks in the regions. Considering the fact that the share of diesel deliveries by gasoline trucks from Europe is growing every month, this segment of deliveries is an influential price reference for the market. Every consumer, be it a farmer or a transporter, or a regional gas station chain owner, will find a resource supplier for their facilities in Diesel DDP.

The same NaftoRynok started to make LPG DDP for traders of propane-butane.

The subscription to Diesel DDP costs €45 per month.

The subscription to LPG DDP costs €45 per month.

Issue schedule: Tue, Thu.

Format: xls.

The Costs of NaftoRynok Periodicals, €: 

The Periodicals1 month6 m (-5%)12 m (-10%)
NR Daily Fuels&LPG En (PDF)1901 0832 052
NR Monthly Fuels&LPG En (PDF)2501 4252 700
Fuel Prices (xls) 60342648
Diesel DDP (xls)45257 486
LPG DDP (xls)45257 486
Total (-10%)3962 5654 860

You can order a subscription to the publication by contacting or by calling + 38 044 425-55-56

For the attention of wholesale traders!

You can inform us of your company's current price offers by calling +38 (044) 425-55-56 or by writing to and specify your company, phone, brand and class of fuel, price, manufacturer, shipment or delivery basis.

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