27 жовтня, 2023, 13:00

Naftogaz has restored a kindergarten in the village of Mospanove, Kharkiv region. The company announced this on the Naftogaz Sustainable Development Facebook page.

"Thanks to the partnership with Ukrgazvydobuvannya, the kindergarten now has comfortable furniture, educational toys, and modern computer equipment: a multimedia complex, an acoustic system, a laptop, and a color printer. Also, within the framework of cooperation, new kitchen equipment and dishes for the food pantry, household appliances, and work equipment were purchased," the company's post says.

Until September 2022, the village was on the front line. Local residents were without electricity, amenities, and other communications for almost a year. The kindergarten, like other communal facilities, needed major renovation, Naftogaz said.

In addition, this settlement was under occupation for a week. During this time, the invaders managed to take everything possible from the kindergarten, the company says.

"Ukrgazvydobuvannya has been one of the most stable partners of the community for several years. Thanks to such a reliable partnership, we were able to provide the preschool education facility with everything necessary for one hundred percent," said Mykola Semeryanov, head of the Maliniv settlement military administration.