17 березня, 2023, 16:00

Arrested enterprises Glusko, whose corporate rights were transferred to the management of Naftogaz Oil Trading, in 2022 paid more than UAH 109 million to the state budget of Ukraine in the form of taxes and fees, reports Naftorynok with reference to the Agency for Search and Asset Management (ARMA ).

In May 2022, the government, at the proposal of ARMA, agreed to transfer a number of seized assets of the gas station business in Ukraine to the management of Naftogaz Oil Trading LLC.

It concerns 230 gas stations and real estate owned by 31 legal entities, including Glusko and its subsidiaries. The corporate rights of all the specified legal entities were also transferred to the management. In June last year, management contracts were signed between ARMA and the manager. Currently, the manager is successfully resuming the operation of gas stations in various regions of Ukraine under the new U.Go brand.

The company has established control over the activities of enterprises whose corporate rights have been transferred to its management. Measures are taken to preserve property (real estate, land plots, movable property), supply of petroleum products and related goods to the gas station network is ensured.

"Since the conclusion of management contracts, the management company has spent more than UAH 12 million on management activities. In total, 873 people in different regions of Ukraine have been involved in servicing the seized assets," the message reads.

During the management of Naftogaz Oil Trading LLC, it stably provides gas station logistics, financing costs for the rebranding of gas stations, legal support for the process of reissuing permit documentation for the operation of high-risk facilities, ensures control of the completeness and timeliness of tax and other payments by enterprises to budgets of all levels, noted in ARMA.