20 December, 2017, 16:30

Ukrnafta’s business unit for Western Ukraine will produce an additional 9 ktonnes of oil in 2018 as a result of five fracking operations currently being carried out in Dolynske and Pivnichno-Dolynske fields.

The company has already successfully performed three such operations. As a result, the 820-Dolynske well has increased daily production rate to 11 tonnes of oil (previously, the well was not producing). The 830-Dolynske well is ramping up to optimal parameters. The 188-Pivnichno-Dolynske well is completing preparations before re-launching production. The company will perform fracking in two more wells in the Dolynske field before the end of the year.

The crews and equipment performing the fracking operations come from Ukrnafta’s own oilfield services business, and Ukrnafta’s applied engineering institute was responsible for identifying the prospective wells, and frack design.

Ukrnafta is the largest oil company in Ukraine. The company’s share in the nation’s oil and gas condensate production in 2016 is 68%, while the share in total gas production is 6,6%. Ukrnafta’s drilling divisions cumulatively own 46 drilling rigs, 1946 oil and 172 gas wells, and 537 filling stations that cover every region of Ukraine. The company is 50%+1 share owned by Naftogaz of Ukraine, a fully state-owned holding company.