2 червня, 2023, 13:40

During May 2023, Ukraine injected more than 670 mcm of natural gas into underground gas storage facilities, according to ExPro calculations.

As a reminder, this year's gas injecting season officially began on April 15. During the previous withdrawal season, 5.572 bcm of natural gas were withdrawn from Ukrainian storages. As of the beginning of the injecting season, more than 9 bcm of gas were stored in underground storages.

As of the end of May, according to ExPro calculations, 9.9 bcm of gas were stored in Ukrainian storage facilities, considering buffer gas for long-term storage. Repositories are 32% full. Compared to the same period last year, gas is stored in storage facilities by 0.3% or 30 mcm less.

During May, the average daily value of gas injection was about 22 mcm of gas, varying in the range of 15-32 mcm per day. Considering that the import and export of gas in May were at a minimum level, Ukraine provides its consumption needs with its own production, injecting the surplus into underground storages.

According to Naftogaz and the Ministry of Energy, Ukraine plans to inject 14-14.7 bcm of natural gas by the beginning of the next heating season. However, with the involvement of foreign companies in the storage of gas in Ukrainian storage facilities, the volumes of injection may increase.