10 вересня, 2018, 17:20

The European LPG Association – until now known as AEGPL – has renamed itself as Liquid Gas Europe. The change of name, logo and visual identity was announced in Brussels on September 6th at a cocktail party that
gathered its members and several representatives of the industry.

The Association is also celebrating its 50th Anniversary, having been created in 1968. Since then, the
Association has moved from its original headquarters in Paris to Brussels where it currently houses a staff of 7.
At the event, Liquid Gas Europe’s President Mr Francesco Franchi briefly talked about the history of the
Association and thanked its members for their support:

"Not many Associations last half a century, and we are so proud that we have been able to grow more
and more genuine and useful for all this time. This was only possible because we kept reinventing ourselves.
We were originally an Association of Associations – today we represent the full LPG supply chain, from
distributors to equipment manufacturers. " – Francesco Franchi, President of Liquid Gas Europe

The Association’s General Manager, Mr. Samuel Maubanc, then explained the rationale behind the decision to
re-brand AEGPL and what it means for the future:

"We believe that the time for complex acronyms has passed. We want to have a name that
immediately explains what we do, and an image that shows how dynamic and energetic our industry is. I think
we achieved that and we look forward to continuing our work in Brussels highlighting the benefits of LPG as a
safe, clean and versatile source of energy " – Samuel Maubanc, General Manager of Liquid Gas Europe