19 жовтня, 2023, 15:07

The debts of heating and communal energy enterprises to Naftogaz of Ukraine amount to UAH 95 billion, the head of the company, Oleksiy Chernyshov, said on the air of the interregional information telethon.

Chernyshov noted that this is the total volume of debts, which includes, in particular, the difference in tariffs of UAH 36 billion and other components.

According to him, to date, the mechanism for compensating the difference to Naftogaz has not yet been implemented, but the government is working on solving this issue.

"The issue of debts in the field of energy is already traditional before the beginning of each heating season. To date, compensation for the difference in tariffs has not yet been implemented, but we understand the problem. Therefore, Naftogaz currently does not insist on the payment of part of the debts associated with the difference in tariffs, especially those communities and cities located in the front-line or de-occupied regions," said the head of Naftogaz.