1 жовтня, 2019, 16:30

The founder of the BRSM- Nafta gas filling stations chain, Mr. Andrii Biba, won a lawsuit for slander against the Internet-based medium Obozrevatel.com, with UAH 100 thousand of compensation for moral damages awarded in his favor.

Yesterday, on September 30, Vasylkivskyi District Court of Kyiv oblast in its open session ruled for Mr. Andrii Biba in the civil lawsuit filed by him against Zolota Seredyna LLC - the Internet-based medium Obozrevatel for the protection of his honor, dignity and business reputation, and for refuting of the disseminated incorrect information and compensation for moral damages.

The Court recognized that the information disseminated by Obozrevatel in 4 articles dated September 18 and 28, 2018, and also dated October 5 and 11, 2018 is incorrect and discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of Mr. Andrii Biba.

The Court ordered the Internet-based medium Obozrevatel to delete all 4 publications, which contain inaccurate information discrediting the business reputation of Mr. Andrii Biba, from the webpage and from the Internet during 5 days. The Court also ordered to compensate moral damages in the amount of UAH 100 thousand.

The lawyer of Mr. Andrii Biba commented on this court judgment as follows: "Unfortunately, in Ukraine there is no efficient legal framework to regulate the activities of Internet-based media and media in general. Today, we have been informed that enforcement of this court judgement is being deliberately delayed. Our Italian colleagues have already prepared a statement of claim against the immediate owner of the information resource Obozrevatel.com – Mr. Mikhail Brodsky, for EUR 500,000 of compensation for moral damages inflicted on Mr. Andrii Biba as a result of publications which are damaging to his business reputation and apparently untrue. One of the requirements will be to arrest all of the assets and bank accounts of Mr. Mikhail Brodsky within the EU territory as a provisional injunction of the said lawsuit. 


Mr. Andrii Biba is a Ukrainian businessman, founder and owner of the BRSM- Nafta trademark. The chain of gas filling stations BRSM- Nafta has 159 filling facilities all over Ukraine.