22 February, 2018, 15:00

KUB-GAS has reported to NaftoRynok on completion of workover operation using snubbing technology in Poltava region performed with its Snubbertech SIL-190-4, without mentioning the client company.

The unit with load capacity 86 tons and working pressure 35 MPa (5000 psi) has been performing workovers in its wells of Olgivske and Makiyivske fields for the past seven years. Starting from 2017 the Snubbertech SIL-190-4 unit has been performing works for other producing companies, in particular, the operation on replacing tubing (73 mm) under pressure for two deep wells (over 5,000m) has been recently performed.  

Brief background by NaftoRynok:

The snubbing technology is applied for workover operations in wells under pressure without killing.
The main advantages of using the snubbing technology are: workovers can be performed without any deterioration of the reservoirs properties of the bottom-hole zone and the whole producing formation; during the workover, daily production rate is not restricted, since the well can produce through the annulus; workover and production stimulation can be performed without killing the well; quick completion after hydraulic fracturing; wells can be prepared for dual completion without killing; time and cost-saving efficiency.

The snubbing technology was first utilized in Canada and it is currently widely used in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Snubbing units have also been used in Europe; however, there is only one subbing unit presently in Ukraine and it is owned by Kub-Gas. The other snubbing units proposed at the internal service market are sourced from outside of Ukraine.