8 листопада, 2022, 09:13

In the second decade of October, OKKO increased the number of propane-butane retail outlets in the Lviv region to 51, said NaftoRynok in a research published in NR Daily fuels&LPG. In total, the company has 65 petrol stations in the region.

As the company noted, the Lviv gas station at 30-B Kleparivska Street was equipped with a new LPG module. This is the 12th complex with autogas among the 18 petrol stations in the city of Lviv. Thus, OKKO is the largest operator in the region in terms of the number of LPG sale outlets.

The WOG takes the second place by the number of LPG stations in the Lviv region – company has 31 of them. In total, Privat (the stations under the AVIAS and ANP brands) and Ukrnafta have 31 propane-butane stations in the Lviv region. As of October 2022, OKKO sells LPG at more than 300 gas stations. Only the union of the AVIAS, ANP and Ukrnafta chains has bigger number of stations equipped with LPG modules in Ukraine – 542 LPG stations.