9 жовтня, 2017, 13:00

International Energy Group Burisma completed 3D seismic survey at Vodyanovske field as part of its investment program. It was announced during the Odesa Offshore Conference 2017, held on October 5-6, where Burisma served as a partner. Currently, the company’s experts are processing the data obtained from ARAM seismic acquisition system in an area covering 70 km2.

“We have acquired high-quality data, which shows the Vodyanovske field geological structure and confirms the presence of gas deposits, says the CEO for Ukrainian Operations at Burisma Taras Burdeinyi. – Though preliminary, the data obtained from the new well that we are drilling now at Vodyanovske field is promising. The target depth of the well is 5900 m. We expect a significant increase in natural gas production after the seismic survey and drilling operations are completed”.

The total scope of works under the investment program exceeds 250 km2. In August this year, Burisma Group started seismic surveys at Derkachevsko-Voitenovskoye and Klubanovsko-Zubrenkovskoye fields. The geological data obtained from the surveys will allow the company to drill new wells at the fields in 2018.