3 серпня, 2023, 15:06

Naftogaz Oil Trading LLC, the manager of the arrested active gas stations Glusco, paid UAH 289 million to the state and local budgets in less than a year, the company's press service reports.

"Naftogaz Oil Trading LLC, which is the manager of the asset, turned the non-working Glusco gas station facilities for more than a year and a half into a network of gas stations that brings income to the state, ensures the supply of high-quality fuel and the payment of all taxes to the budget of Ukraine," the company noted.

The company reports that the total amount of funds raised to ensure the operation of the gas station is UAH 60 million. The work of 81 gas stations and 1 oil depot has already been restored, and workers' wages are paid on time.

The debt of the Glusco group of companies to Naftogaz Oil Trading for the fuel supplied to the gas station amounts to over UAH 180 million.

Naftogaz also advanced payment of UAH 1.55 million to the Agency for Identification, Search, and Asset Management (ARMA). However, the company was supposed to pay assets management funds only at the end of 2023.

The government transferred the Glusco gas station to the management of Naftogaz in May 2022. According to Naftogaz, the state of the assets was extremely difficult, the enterprises did not work for almost a year and a half, and the gas station operations were stopped. By that time, significant debts had already been accumulated for wages to employees, payment of taxes to the budget, payment for the use of land plots, payment of operating expenses, the rent of office premises, security of facilities, etc.

Thus, starting the activity of gas stations required significant financial and time investments. To start Naftogaz Oil Trading:

  • purchased a large amount of fuel to supply gas stations;
  • provided funds for the purchase of related goods;
  • provided UAH 18.9 million to pay off tax liabilities that arose before receiving the network management;
  • provided UAH 2.5 million to repay the current salary arrears, which also arose before the administration began;
  • provided financing for the costs of current repairs, maintenance, gas station rebranding, etc.;
  • managed to increase the number of jobs from 95 to 950.

"We will faithfully fulfill our obligations to the state and do everything possible to make this asset work for its benefit. People will continue to have jobs, the budget will receive taxes, and gas stations will work efficiently, offering Ukrainians high-quality fuel at a reasonable price," said Volodymyr Bychkov, director of Naftogaz Oil Trading.