15 January, 2018, 15:45

On December 21, 2017, a raider attack was made to all property of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations. This was reported today by legal department of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations. Law enforcement authorities investigate involvement in the raider attack of the “Yanukovych Family” runaway member, the Former Minister of Fuel and Energy Eduard Eduard Stavytsky. State registers of branch PU Havani Village Council “Absolut” registered all the property of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations by forged documents to LLC “IMBREM AURUM LTD” by contributing all the property to the authorized capital of this company.

The existence of criminal intent and attempts to unlawfully appropriation of the fuel filling stations is confirmed by the fact that the owner of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations, Andrii Biba, and legal entities, to whom the alienated property was belonged to from the end of the previous year, have not carried out any actions which could result in alienation of the property or equity rights in favour of third parties. This is confirmed by the judicial registers, and, therefore, any legitimate grounds for the transfer of ownership of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations to LLC “IMBREM AURUM LTD” without the will of its owner are excluded.

As Andrii Byba has commented, neither he, nor persons authorized by him did not give any consent and did not sign any powers of attorney or other instructions for such actions.

“I hear about “IMBREM AURUM LTD” for the first time and I hope law enforcement officers will find out who stands behind this dirty deal against private property”, said Andrii Byba.

According to the fuel market experts, such fictitious ‘change’ of the owner of one of the largest network of fuel filling stations of Ukraine is a classic raider scheme, when during the pre-holiday period the title is re-issued, and after a certain time the deceived owner simply treats the fact of the alienation of his property. This is usually done under signature of ‘black notaries’ or corrupt state registers for reward.

This is also confirmed by journalistic sources in law enforcement authorities, where, in particular, the opinion that the situation around the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations is remotely inspired by the Former Minister of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine Eduard Stavytsky.

In pursuit of his business interests, he being abroad, through corrupt domestic civil servants, embodies illicit schemes for the redistribution of state and private enterprises, mainly in the fuel and energy industry. In the opinion of the experts, this is the most plausible version, as since escape of the odious official of the Yanukovych Government from Ukraine the information about his encroachment on the profitable business of Andrii Biba in the fuel retail repeatedly appeared.

The owner of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations concerning the possibility of engagement of Eduard Stavytsky in the illegal seizure of the network commented: “Such probability is. However, the final answer should be given by the law enforcement authorities to which our lawyers immediately filed the relevant application for criminal offense and currently legal actions are carried out in order to return all the property of the network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations to its legal owner. I, as the citizen of Ukraine and owner of the business who became a victim of raider attacks, is very concerned about such state of affairs with realization of property rights in independent Ukraine, which seeks for full membership in the European Union”.

Thanks to the efficiency of lawyers of the network of fuel filling stations, the criminal plot of Mr. Stavytsky and state registrar of the Havani Village Council remained in the germ, and law enforcement officers are already fulfilling their duty to protect and restore legitimate property rights.

“The network of BRSM-NAFTA fuel filling stations is one of the largest taxpayers and socially responsible enterprises. Therefore, we hope that the top state leadership will protect us from raider attacks. Although the fact that Stavytskyi and the whole cohort of ‘colleagues’ under the Yanukovych’s regime still have a criminal impact on officials in all public authorities of Ukraine, the General Prosecutor's Office and the SSU will immediately set up an investigation team to counter illegal seizure”, says the comments of the company lawyers.