21 лютого, 2023, 11:00

As a result of the full-scale war that Russia unleashed in Ukraine last year, Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC suffered losses of more than $1 billion. Naftogaz's Chairman of the Board Oleksiy Chernyshov reported this in an interview with NV.

"If we talk about money, we have losses of more than $1 billion due to damaged or destroyed infrastructure," Chernyshov said.

According to him, one of the biggest destructions is the Shebelinsky Refinery, the destroyed tank farm. Almost all the damage is mainly in Kharkiv Oblast, which has suffered from shelling since the beginning of the full-scale war.

"But you know, all this infrastructure, factories can be restored. But people cannot be returned. Unfortunately, we have losses among employees, both at the front and during the execution of works," said the head of Naftogaz.