11 квітня, 2022, 09:00

Naftorynok, EnergoBusiness, Expro Consulting together with the market participants prepare the list of international companies, who despite sanctions continue doing business in Russia and Belarus. Political regimes of those two countries are acting aggressively with Ukraine.

We constantly prepare and updates this list for the next business areas:

The information about companies in the list was taken from confidential as well as from public sources, mostly - these are license holders and equipment suppliers, without whom the energy industry supposed to freeze due to lack of local analogs.

The goal of the project: initiate the pressure from the government and international authorities aimed to the parents companies, who keep doing business in Russia and Belarus after February 24,2022. Such pressure should be applied until no financial and trading relationship left with the Russian and Belarusian customers, all the branches and representatives offices are closed, all the warranty and other technical support are not available in those countries. Using sanctions to make ECONOMICAL crush for the Russian and Belarusian regimes.

Reason: February 24,2022 Russia used Belarus territory started the war with Ukraine. Aggressor uses land forces, missiles, marine and air forces. The attacks are aimed mostly on civilian targets (residential buildings, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, maternity houses, etc.), as well as military targets (defensive and other infrastructures). As of April 11, 2022, 176 children died in Ukraine, more than 500 were injured.

We urge all the industry professionals to joint our projects and send information about companies you know and who continue to work in Russia and Belarus. Please use next email for contact us: info@expro.com.ua


Manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipment to Russia and Belarus

This list includes foreign companies producing laboratory equipment, which continue to supply laboratories in Russia and Belarus through their representative offices or distributors. There are laboratories at every Russian and Belarusian refinery and most oil depots.

Analytik Jena AGGermanyhttps://www.analytik-jena.com/

They continue to work in Russia (there is an office), did not react to the war (there is no message on the site, there is no news with them)

TE instrumentsNetherlandshttps://www.teinstruments.com/

They continue to work, there are official distributors in Russia (http://www.epac-service.ru/) and Belarus (https://labmix.by/)

Linetronic TechnologiesSwitzerlandhttps://www.lin-tech.ch/

There is an official distributor in Russia (http://www.epac-service.ru/partners/linetronic-technologies-shveiycariya/)

Mettler ToledoSwitzerlandhttps://www.mt.com/int/ru/home.html

Did not react, there are offices in the Russian Federation


Continue to work, there is an official Russian site (https://www.metrohm.com/ru_ru.html)

Kyoto Electronics ManufacturingJapanhttps://www.kem.kyoto/en/

There is an official distributor in Russia (http://www.soctrade.com/)

Shimadzu CorporationJapanhttps://www.shimadzu.com/

They continue to work, there are several official Russian sites

Agilent TechnologiesUSAhttps://careers.agilent.com/locations/europe/russia/

There are offices in Moscow and Minsk. It has been released that Agilent is doing everything possible to support its employees in Russia.


There are offices in Moscow and Minsk


There is an office in Moscow


There is an office in Moscow


There is a representative office in Moscow

In addition, every laboratory in the aggressor countries continues to order reagents for oil research. Reagents are also preferably manufactured abroad. The following are lists of reagent manufacturers and suppliers:


There is an office in Russia


Have reacted, condemned the war, made a donation, said nothing about the cessation of activities, has an office in Russia

Carlo ErbaFrancehttps://www.carloerbareagents.com/cerstorefront/cer-exp/

There is no information on the official website, but the products are sold in Russia


Continue to work in Russia, said that the refusal of Russian gas will jeopardize the company's work in Germany


Continue to work in Russia, the President of the company said that stopping their work in Russia will not greatly affect Russia

Alpha Resources USAhttps://www.alpharesources.com/

Did not react, continue to work

VWR InternationalUSAhttps://www.vwr.com/

Didn't react, there are official distributors, there is no office