18 червня, 2018, 14:30

Liquefied gas import from Kazakhstan to Ukraine has grown up by 11.5 times in January-May 2018 year on year, reports UPECO consulting company.

"Supplies of Kazakhstan's LPG in January-May 2018 (including re-export through Belarus) to Ukraine made almost 87.7 thousand tons against 8000 in the same period 2017. In the reported period, in the import  structure the gas from Kazakhstan makes about 17% supply," reads the report.

Since autumn 2017 the main exporter of Kazakhstan's LPG to Ukraine has been Tengizchevroil which exports propane and butane fractions directly through long-term and sport contracts. In January-March Tengizchevroil shipped 72.2 thousand tons LPG to Ukraine via the railways.

About 17 percent of supplies accounted for Kazakhstan’s gas in Ukrainian imports in the reporting period.”