15 вересня, 2023, 12:35

The import of LPG Poland with documents oт the origin of Kazakhstan in July-June 2023 amounted to 25.5 thousand tons out of 86.6 thousand tons of all LPG receipts from Poland to Ukraine for the specified period. However, the direct rail supply of gas from Kazakhstan to Poland amounted to only 2.1 thousand tons during July-June 2023, which is 12 times less than the volumes registered by Ukrainian importers.

Meanwhile the volumes of Russian LPG are growing in Europe, according to the data on Russian exports by rail received by NaftoRynok.

In July 2023, the exports of liquefied gas from Russia to Poland by rail increased by 4.4 thousand tons to 81.1 thousand tons, Latvia – by 1.9 thousand tons to 19.9 thousand tons, Lithuania – by 0.2 thousand tons to 4.7 thousand tons. The largest suppliers of LPG to the current key propane exporting countries in Ukraine include Lukoil – 25.6 thousand tons per month, SIBUR – 20.6 thousand tons, and Irkustsk NK – 20.6 thousand tons.

In July 2023, the supply of LPG from Kazakhstan to Poland increased by 1.1 thousand tons to 1.6 thousand tons. At the same time, the supply from Gazprom's Orenburg Refinery decreased to 0.2 thousand tons, against 8.8 thousand tons in June 2023. However, this did not prevent Ukrainian importers from customs clearing of 6.7 thousand tons of liquefied gas with Kazakh documents of origin.

The total import of gas from Poland to Ukraine amounted to 38.4 thousand tons in July. Ukrainian companies purchased 10.4 thousand tons of these from the GPS (gas pumping stations) in the central and southern parts of Poland from bases such as Piotrków Trybunalski, Sosnowiec, Slavków, Zavadzke. Another 9.1 thousand tons were purchased based on DAF Border of Ukraine terms, or DAF GPS terms in Ukraine. At the same time, the other 19.000 tons were shipped from the terminals and GPS located next to the stations with broad to narrow rail transitions on the border with Russia and Belarus in the North and East of Poland – Malaczewisze, Sokulka and Białystok, Naryowka and Braniewo.