25 січня, 2024, 15:35

The Greek company Hellenic Petroleum has refrained from using Russian crude oil and petroleum products for almost two years, as indicated in a letter addressed to the Swiss trader Eco Fuel Trading S.A. A copy of this letter is in possession of NaftoRynok.

"As requested, we would like to certify that as of March 2022 Hellenic Petroleum RSSOPP has ceased receiving crude oil, feedstocks, semi-finished or finished petroleum products of Russian origin", stated M. Markakis, Senior Director of Supply and Exports.

Additionally, Hellenic Petroleum RSSOPP affirms its commitment to and compliance with all international sanctions, whether imposed by the United States or the European Union, including sanctions against Russia. "Consequently, all oil products delivered by Hellenic Petroleum RSSOPP Refineries and terminals of Aspropyrgos, Eleusis and Thessaloniki to our local and international customers are 100% of Greek origin and are not mixed with products of Russian origin", the top manager emphasizes.

According to NaftoRynok's assessment, Ukraine received 690 thousand tons of diesel fuel from Greece in 2023, securing the second position among the producing countries. For a more detailed exploration of petroleum product imports in 2023, please refer to the Monthly Fuels & LPG.