20 січня, 2020, 15:00

ExPro Consulting (ExPro), the publisher of ExPro Gas & Oil and ExPro Electricity, has aquired Nefterynok (Fuels Market - eng).

Thus, today ExPro embraces the coverage of the whole spectrum of the Ukrainian energy market, while highlighting exploration, production, processing, supply and trade in oil, natural gas, gasolines, diesel, LPG, oil products, as well as reporting about generation, distribution, and trade in electricity. In addition, ExPro's reporting includes the production and trade of coal, uranium, and other commodities, as well as the production, distribution of energy equipment and related engineering services.

“Ukraine's energy market is rapidly developing, and energy companies and suppliers need the expeditious and up-to-date information. The acquisition of the Oil Market media will allow ExPro to gain and share exclusive competence in the production and trade of petroleum products”, - said Gennadii Kobal, founder and owner of ExPro Consulting.

“Merging with ExPro gives a new impetus to the development of the Nefterynok Fuels Market. We are expanding the awareness of our readership about new trends and developments in fuels market of Ukraine. In particular, our e-distributed periodicals and electronic content have become closer to fuel retailers allowing employees  and owners of fueling station networks to raise their competence, receive up-to-date information on markets for petroleum products, competition, technologies, best practices offered and widely employed by their counterparts both in domestic and foreign retail and wholesale of fuels. The Nefterynok Fuels Market is extending its media coverage of gasoline retail segment, while highlighting marketing strategies, ancillary services like in-store food service and convenience stores as integral parts of gas stations. Comprehensive analysis of the oil market remains our strengths, but now and on it will be more expeditious and in a reader-friendly format,” said Oleksandr Sirenko, Editor-in-Chief of Nefterynok Fuels Market.

Starting January 20, 2020, Nefterynok Fuels Market will be available in a daily formats:  the Nefterynok Fuels and the Nefterynok LPG. The new format of Nefterynok Fuels Market provides subscriber with information on daily, weekly and monthly basis. As before, nefterynok.info will functional as the premier venue for general market information, and more profound insights, including analytics and statistics, will be available on subscription basis or through occasional customized market report service. To learn more and get a demo issue of Nefterynok Fuels Market or to order subscription options, please call +38 044 425-55-56 or write to info@expro.com.ua