15 лютого, 2024, 13:00

Swiss-based Eco Fuel Trading SA has joined the European Business Association (EBA), as announced by the EBA.

"Established in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, Eco Fuel Trading SA is a privately-owned independent commodity trading company active in the energy sector. Eco Fuel is backed by dedicated investors and managed by a leadership team with decades of experience in Energy and Commodity Trading. Eco Fuel established over the years close relationships with highly reputable banks, financing partners and industry professionals who understand, not only the nature of the business, but the regions where the company operates", the European Business Association reports.

NaftoRynok reports that Eco Fuel Trading's management team is being strengthened by former top executives from Trafigura and other prominent firms. In addition, the company's authorized capital will be significantly increased, and credit lines will be expanded.

The company plans to continue its growth in Europe and Africa, with a specific focus on North and South American markets. It emphasizes that the Ukrainian market will remain a priority, and Eco Fuel intends to introduce products under a new supply chain while maintaining its current level of customer focus and flexibility.

Key employees, including Alban Lammens and Oleksii Fesenko, will receive promotions and equity stakes. They will play crucial roles in developing various markets, including Ukraine.

According to NaftoRynok's assessment, Eco Fuel Trading has supplied approximately 600,000 tons of diesel and 200,000 tons of gasoline to Ukraine, with 95% of the resources originating from Greece. The largest Ukrainian fuel importers are among the buyers.