30 жовтня, 2023, 13:10

Ukrpaletsistem, the operator of the UPG national gas station network, is the absolute leader-importer in the supply of auto-standard gasoline to the domestic market of Ukraine.  This is stated in the study of NaftoRynok, published in the monthly edition of NR Monthly fuels&LPG for September 2023.

Thus, during the three quarters of 2023, the share of UPG among all importers of gasoline by motor vehicles amounted to 22.6%.

In addition, UPG is a leading importer of motor vehicle diesel.  During the I-III quarters of 2023, the company's share is 6.4%.  In September 2023, the company increased its market share to 8.3%.

 As a reminder, the UPG group is the owner of the largest fleet of gasoline trucks in Ukraine - 450 units.  In addition, since last year, the infrastructure of Poland (transshipment and terminals for light petroleum products) has been at the disposal of the UPG group.

 In October, the sale of seasonal diesel, which can withstand minus 17oC, produced by the largest oil and gas company of Oman - OQ Group, started at the UPG gas station.

 A detailed overview of the gasoline and diesel markets, as well as other petroleum products, with handy infographics, can be found in the September 2023 issue of NR Monthly fuels&LPG.

photo_source_title: НафтоРинок