17 жовтня, 2017, 14:00

International Energy Group Burisma has performed seven successful routine hydraulic fracturing jobs. Four of the wells are now successfully producing gas and three are still in development.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the first results of hydraulic fracturing operations at low-yield and depleted wells, performed jointly with a US leading gas service company ProPetro Services. For instance, the daily gas production from well No 4 at Rokytianske field in Kharkiv oblast for the past 4 month has being 110.000 m3, instead of initial 4.500 m3, which is roughly 20 time more (3,5 mln m3 a month)”, says CEO for Ukrainian Operations at Burisma Group Taras Burdeinyi.   

The results obtained at Boryslavske field in Lviv oblast are no less successful. The hydraulic fracturing enabled the extraction of oil. At the moment, the well is becoming fully operational. By the end of the year, Burisma intends to conduct five more fracturing jobs at other gas fields.

Last year, Burisma Group announced acquisition of 15 pumps with a total capacity of 25,000 hp from ProPetro Services. Only in the US, ProPetro has conducted over 10,000 successful fracturing operations. Currently, Burisma operates the largest modern rig fleet in Ukraine.

“Burisma is able to lend equipment to other Ukrainian gas producers, allowing them to increase volumes of natural gas production from low-yield or depleted wells. Currently, we are able to perform up to 100 fracturing jobs a year”, said Taras Burdeinyi. 

The companies of the Burisma Group and world renown Tacrom and Schlumberger will jointly conduct intensification and fracturing operations in Ukraine. According to Taras Burdeinyi, it will provide the gas market with new opportunities.